Welcome to Wu Dang acupuncture practice


My name is Elena Chernoyarskaya and I graduated from Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (MSUMD) in 1997 with the Bachelor’s degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (BDMD). I continued my specialisation and obtained the degree of Master of Dental Surgery (MDS). After finishing my studies, I worked for over 10 years in emergency hospitals and private clinics in Moscow, including the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of City Clinical Hospital No. 36 and the MasterDent private clinic.


In 2006 I moved to and settled in The Netherlands. Moving countries and settling into different cultures often means going through a career change, and after doing some soul searching, I immersed myself in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


With a long history of being interested in alternative healing practices as well as the differences between Chinese and Western medicine, I engaged in practicing Tai Chi in 2000 whilst still living in Moscow, and exploring the world of Qi Gong in 2016. Along my journey of self-discovery, I also became interested in Ayurveda and Yoga, and while delving deeper into these ancient practices, finally made a choice for TCM. After several years of study, I graduated with Cum Laude honour in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture from Shenzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Open University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Since 2018, I am a registered member of the professional association Zhong (Nederlandse Vereiniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde - Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine).

~Chinese Medicine Oath, a foundation for acupuncture medical ethics, states:

1)   I promise to follow the way of the Great Physician

2)   I will strive to live in harmony with nature, and teach my patients to do the same

3)   I will stay calm and completely committed when treating disease

4)   I will not give way to personal wishes and desires, but above all else hold and nurture a deep feeling of compassion

5)   I will be devoted to the task of saving the sacred spark of life in every creature that still carries it

6)   I will strive to maintain a clear mind and am willing to hold myself to the highest standards

7)   It will be my duty to diagnose sufferings and treat disease

8)   I will not be boastful about my skills nor driven by greed for material things

9)   Above all, I will keep an open heart

10) As I move on the right path I will receive great happiness as a reward without asking for anything in return”

~ Adapted from a passage by 6th century Chinese medicine physician Sun Simiao