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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TCM?

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest systems of healing in the world. Its power to heal diseases, complaints and other conditions lies in ancient knowledge that recognizes that our health stems from the connections between diet, lifestyle, exercise and energy flowing around the body.


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a therapeutic method in especially Chinese medical science. In its essence it consists of two parts: to needle and to warm. Certain selected points on the body are stimulated by different types of thin needles to achieve a flow of energy (Qi), while the same or other acupressure points can be warmed on or near the skin (in a process called moxibustion) again to stimulate the flow of Qi. Both serve to bring the body back into harmony and balance.


What can acupuncture be used for?

Acupuncture (and its complementary techniques of moxibustion and cupping) can be used to treat the symptoms of many diverse diseases, ailments, health problems, and injuries in a completely safe and economic manner. It can also help prevent diseases, as well as increase the resistance of the human body to illnesses. Please refer to the pages on this website under Acupuncture for specific complaints.


What happens during my first visit?

You will meet me, Elena, in my private clinic in Leiden and I will go through a detailed consultation with you to find out about your general health and well-being and what bodily complaints or conditions you may have. Following my diagnosis, I will undertake the treatment best suited to you.


How should I prepare for my treatment?

Every effort is made to ensure comfort and to put you at ease. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing. Eat a light snack or small meal before your treatment and please refrain from alcohol.


How will I feel after my treatment?

Most people feel very relaxed after acupuncture, though some people may feel tired, especially after the first treatment. You are able to relax in the clinic.


How many treatments will I need?

This really depends on your situation. If you come with an acute condition or injury, you may need several sessions to clear it more quickly. If you manifest a chronic condition, then you will usually need more sessions over a longer period of time. For general health and well-being, however, you may need one or two sessions initially with monthly maintenance to keep you in good shape. I will discuss your treatment plan with you during your first visit.


Can acupuncture be used as a preventative measure?

Yes! You don’t have to be ill to come for treatment. Acupuncture is an excellent preventative health care measure as well as a tonic.


Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy?

Yes! Acupuncture can be used very effectively during (and before) pregnancy. Please inform me if you are pregnant or if you are trying for a baby.

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